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Traffic Exchange Joining Tips:

We'll just cover some of the HIGH points you should keep in mind when using ANY Traffic Exchange.

Contacting Support:
Although more & more online programs are using in-house support contact methods, millions of people insist on emailing their request directly to one of the program email contact addresses. Do you realize, most programs receive hundreds to thousands of SPAM emails daily!

If you must email directly, kick that gray matter up a notch. In the Subject Line, type in the name of the program, your name, your member ID number, a brief issue identifier, something like this:
"MoneyLegs - George Culp - member 1039 - Lost Login Info"

Believe it or not - its true...
that little bit of info has increased the likelihood of you getting a response by 500% plus!

One of the most foolish things to do which will destroy your "FREE Viral Traffic magnetic field" is to run down the list joining every program and doing nothing with any of them. It won't work for you since you are already starting in failure mode. Just do it!

Plan on joining 2-4 new visitor exchanges in our Moneylegs "Follow ME" Link Directory each day until you have joined ALL of them. When you join one, read through their TOS (terms of service), FAQ (frequently asked questions)AND then manually surf 100 sites on each new exchange you joined. This will get you familiar with the program and how it operates. It will also start your viral traffic from that exchange immediately. It will also get your sponsors attention and any support request will likely be responded to in a positive manner.

Most of the better Traffic Exchanges offer members a Unique Visitor control for who is viewing your web page and eating up your credits. But 'due diligence' is still necessary.
example: I used to run about 500 visitors a day on a certain traffic exchange (name withheld), no problem with a good percentage of unique visitors - maybe a site of mine being seen at most 5 times by the same person. Then one day I requested 2,000 visitors a day and immediately started receiving email from friends stating they were viewing my web site 10 to 15 times in a 30 minute surfing session! I guess some exchange operators feel, after a certain point, that it's more important to get rid of your credits than the Uniqueness of your visitors? 

By the way we consider 50-60% unique views a good benchmark of a quality traffic exchange.  That's saying not every visitor must be unique and only view your site one time a day (100% unique hits).  Being that unique does not give you a chance to create brand awareness!  So it doesn't matter if a person sees your ad 4 - 5 times every day. That just lets people know who you are - branding yourself as we call it.   But the opposite extreme as described in the previous paragraph is not desirable - that's just plain wasting your credits and if you are like me...that traffic exchange and me part company - see ya!

STAY AWAY from SideBar Distractions:
One of the saddest things that has evolved with many traffic exchanges is all of the add-ons to get you wasting your visitor credits.
- gambling for credits
- email broadcasts for credits
- any kind of pop-up for credits
- Link Pages you have to promote that cost credits
NONE of these are anywhere near as effective, or beneficial,
as someone
LOOKING AT your web page.

An attention getting banner is the exception to the above list.  Have a site showing your "attention getting" banner can lead to more signups and further increase your "FREE Viral Traffic magnetic field"!

Personal Page Rotators:
Although the concept of personal page rotators is a great one, thousands of people still refuse to take the time to operate and maintain them correctly. The result's are HTML 404 errors - "page cannot be found" along with "frame breakers" or "multiple Pop-up Ads."  So be very diligent in making sure your rotator page sites do not cause any errors and YOUR pages are shown as desired.

If you have any additional Traffic Exchange Joining Tips,
feel free to email them to us and we'll add them to this page plus include a signature line link back to one of your web pages. Our contact info is listed below

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