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SWARM PROJECT  Advanced Training in S.E.O. for Top Placement in Major Search Engines

What is it?

SWARM:      An aggregation of persons determined to overwhelm, with a concerted effort and moving in mass:
A swarm of people congregating 
PROJECT:     An extensive task undertaken by a group of people to apply, illustrate, or supplement their ideas as a stable fixture on search engines.

Next Sessions Starts June 2007

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Being involved in online marketing and visitor generation techniques for over 9 years now, we have developed very specific knowledge on how a group of people can dominate TOP PLACEMENT on major search engines with dozens of KEY WORDS and KEY PHRASES.

Not to long ago we introduced the SWARM PROJECT concept via one of our online affiliate training websites, MoneyLegs.com, which has offered FREE Internet Marketing Courses for over 8 years now.  MoneyLegs.com is free to join and whether you are a Newbie or an experienced online marketer, we recommend you join MoneyLegs and read through our 10 FREE Marketing Courses.  If the SWARM PROJECT sounds interesting to you, going through these emarketing courses is rather critical.  Two of the courses, Tips on FileZILLA and 'Nvu' HTML Editor ( both open source ), are invaluable to effectively complete our SWARM PROJECT Six Week marketing course.

HOWEVER, if you wish to rocket to the top with one of the Internet's most powerful marketing strategies, we will require you to spend a bit of money to complete your SWARM PROJECT training and move on to develop your own SWARM PROJECT Group.               
The complete system is relatively inexpensive and your income and growth potential is unlimited.

To understand the full spectrum of your success potential with the SWARM PROJECT training, Click HERE to visit MoneyLegs.com, join FREE and study the entire website, in particular, our 10 FREE marketing courses and our MATRIX-FAQ, both are accessible from your MoneyLegs.com Back Office.

Then join SEO-Squid.com which offers more extensive training materials including basic HTML skill and other important webmastering and marketing techniques.  SEO-Squid is a paid program but the training material AND commissions more than make up for the costs involved.  

Your cost breakdown is quite reasonable:
LIFE TIME - ONE TIME MoneyLegs.com Senior Member upgrade  =  $ 49.95
SEO-Squid.com Basic Host = $19.97 monthly
Commercial BLOG with BLOGestates.com   =  $   5.99 monthly

you will need to commit to 15 hours per week for 6-7 weeks to complete required assignments.  This is to develop your business - so its not an additional 15 hours you need each week - just 15 hours to commit to improving your business.

So basically, you are looking at a one time payment of $ 49.95 and $ 25.96 a month to get your maximum success underway.  With FOCUS, COMMITMENT and PERSEVERANCE you should reach your first major success plateau within 3 - 5 months and  your commissions should begin to cover
your monthly payments - yes we are talking making money with your online business!


Join MoneyLegs.com, from the FollowMe Directory of any of our programs , then upgrade to Senior Member; once you have been upgraded, Go BasicHost at Seosquid.com and we will upgrade you in your BLOGestates.com account FREE for SIX MONTHS!  That's a SAVINGS of  $35.94

Not in your "Comfort Zone" yet?

Go Step by Step and you soon will be!

To review the necessary steps involved to qualify for the SWARM Project to energize and highlight your business in the major search engines:

1.  Join Moneylegs.com and purchase one-time lifetime Senior Member upgrade.

2.  Join SEO-Squid.com at the Basic Host level or we have other upgrade options with greater benefits.

3.  Send Support Ticket from your SEO-Squid or Moneylegs member's area requesting SWARM Project training.

4.  You will received notification from GJW Solutions LLC regarding the status of your request.

So stop waiting, making excuses and all those other distracting things and do something to improve your business today!

Complete Steps 1 thru 3 Above Right Now!

We look forward to helping you improve your business marketing techniques and strategies very shortly.

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SWARM PROJECT Advanced Training in S.E.O. for Top Placement in Major Search Engines