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Don't you hate it when someone tells you the "great" benefits of upgrading in a traffic exchange and then comes the "bomb" - the upgrade fee is outrageous or it takes months to accumulate enough commission so you can be paid?  So do we!  That's why we use recommend only the traffic exchanges listed later in this article.

First we would like to tell you a bit about our criteria and the simple steps we use to make this work like the chimes on our clock.  We think you will agree...

Our Required Criteria:

  • small cash outlay for upgrading

  • only 3-4 members to create monthly profit

  • small payout amount...$10-$15 when you can request payment

Whoopee!  You made $10 - $15 dollars - no big deal!  But like any process...its the fact we keep repeating these steps (shown below) over and over again.  Soon all those ten, fifteen and twenty dollar amounts kept multiplying until we began seeing REAL money - you can too!

Our Simple 4-Step Process:

  1. pick one of the traffic exchanges listed below

  2. upgrade in selected traffic exchange

  3. advertise upgrade benefits EVERYWHERE

  4. use profits to repeat above steps

It's not a complicated process..."Just Do It!"


Click one of the traffic exchanges below (names are in BLUE) to get started NOW

Splash Page Only Traffic Exchange,  Drive Visitors to YOUR Website or Affiliate Marketing Page.

$9.50/ month or $88.00/yr.50% Commission

Low Payout Threshold Of Only $10.00

Where the Pros Generate Quality Targeted Traffic and Cash.

$10 One Time Membership Fee
Payout Threshold of $15.00

Traffic Discovery Biz Exchange
NEW Surfing by Category and Drive Quality Targeted Traffic to YOUR sites.

Upgrade Cost $10.00 /month

50% Commission

Payout Threshold of $10.00

Targeted Traffic from Serious-Minded Internet Users. Market to Pre-Qualified Buyers. Promote & Advertise Where the Real Money is.

Lifetime Membership

50% Commission

Payout Threshold Of  $10.00


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