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Moneylegs Success Formula - we are sure you have seen this page advertised many times on various traffic exchanges within the last year. But have you actually read  the keypoints of this formula and what it takes to create your Success Formula?  We hope to explain just a few reasons why we believe its the smart choice for your online internet home based business if you are smart enough to join it


With a one-time $49.95 purchase of the Moneylegs Senior Upgrade, you get 4500 credits to use in our traffic exchanges to get your products or services in front of some of  the finest budding and master marketers we believe you will see on the internet today.  Where on the Net can you purchase 4500 "guaranteed real people visitors" credits for $49.95?  Then you will start your 3x3 Matrix which is a real moneymaker.  More about the Moneylegs 3x3 Matrix in a later story reserved just for its explanation.  It's that good!

We have a group of 5 traffic exchanges (Clickaholics, LemmingRun, Viral Visitors, ViralClassAds and 10kHits4uNow) plus 1 Pay Per Click search engine (TsunamiGold) which is credit-based not cash.  What a way to learn pay per click without the financial drain!

That's just the start of your Moneylegs Success Formula.  The godfather of all our programs is SEO-Squid.  Yes it is a paid program but has everything you need to experience success on the 'Net.  We are talking your Online Internet Home Based Business putting money in your pocket - the favorite fruit on everyone's tree.


Moneylegs is a community of like-minded people who have joined together to make sure there is no limit on success.  Are you willing to help others as much as they help you? Why?  Our founder's favorite quote says it all - "Don't Try, Just DO It".  Since we are a community, support is available almost any time day or night.  It doesn't have to be your upline sponsor there to help you.  Everyone in the Moneylegs Family is willing to help each other period.  What a wonderful concept!  Email support questions are normally answered in less than 12 hours; most of the time much less.

Our number one guiding philosophy is the helping of others to achieve success.  How long will that take?  That depends on how much time and effort you are willing to spend working our highly successful, detailed Moneylegs Success Formula.

GJW Solutions LLC  bought the Moneylegs family of programs in 2006 and is continuing the outstanding values, spirit and results Doug Williams exhibited from the start of Moneylegs in 1999 until his untimely death in 2006.


The key ingredients for your success is focus, perseverance and persistence to follow a step by step plan as detailed in our Success Formula.  If you follow this plan and its training, you will start a continually growing level of success.  That's why we call it Moneylegs Success Formula. Remember - "Don't Try, Just DO It".

Many people have tried to short circuit or skip steps in our detailed Success Formula but end up failing miserably and coming back to do it the right way.  So let's start you down the proven path of your Success Formula.

In closing, we would hope we have enlightened you on some key points of our Success Formula. Showed you what we have to offer, the benefits and our focus and commitment to helping all who desire to succeed and why we enjoy the Moneylegs Family of Programs so much. Simply because it works!

Discover the power of simple change.  Now is the time to become focused on the reality of what a Moneylegs Senior Upgrade can mean as the result of duplicating our detailed Success Formula - join us on your road to success and enjoy the ride. The money your online internet home based business generates will make you smile even more using the Moneylegs Success Formula.

George and Diane Culp
GOFER Where Home Biz Success Begins

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