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Assist Your Team Members Become Your Marketing Partners

Want to know how to assist your team members to become your marketing partners?

First you must contact them (preferably by telephone). Yes, we did say the telephone. You need to make a personal connection to your new team member. Let them know you are there to assist them any way you can.

This personal touch will go a long ways toward alleviating any fears or apprehension experienced by your new team member. Add the personal touch!

Nuture and help your team members expand THEIR business; not yours! Yes, this method will not make you "rich" overnight. Remember our earlier comment about people looking for "get rich quick schemes"?...

Getting rich quick occurs for less than 1/10000 of 1% of all online marketers. Makes the odds of winning a lottery look better and better?

Remember all good things take time, effort and money to become successful. Be patient and look to your upline sponsors for the guidance they should provide!

More about Becoming Marketing Consultants in our next article. Thanks for visiting our site today.

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