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Welcome to "GOFER Where Home Biz Success Begins"

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Would You Love To Receive A



Is There A Catch?...

NO! We Call It Taking Action! Just Some Important Information That Will Radically Change Your Life's Dreams...

Do Something Positive For Your Online Business...

the upgrade fee is outrageous or it takes months to accumulate enough commission so you can be paid?  So do we! 

That's why we use and recommend only the traffic exchanges listed later in this article.

First we would like to tell you a bit about our criteria and the simple steps we use to make money like the chimes on our clock.  We think you will agree...

Our Required Criteria:

  • small cash outlay for upgrading

  • only 3-4 members to create monthly profit

  • small payout amount...$10-$15 when you can request payment

Whoopee!  You made $10 - $15 dollars - no big deal!  But like any process...its the fact we keep repeating these steps (shown below) over and over again.  Soon all those ten, fifteen and twenty dollar amounts kept multiplying until we began seeing REAL money - you can too!

Our Simple 4-Step Process:

  1. pick one of the traffic exchanges listed below

  2. upgrade in selected traffic exchange

  3. advertise upgrade benefits EVERYWHERE

  4. use profits to repeat above steps

It's not a complicated process..."Just Do It!"


Click one of the traffic exchanges below (names are in BLUE) to get started NOW

Have You Been Wondering About The Net...

  • Lost and Frustrated?

  • Lots of Empty Promises and Scams?

  • Ready To Call It Quits?

You should look at this and fully understand it BEFORE you say NO and give up on making money online!

Ready To Get A Completely FREE $900 Executive Membership...
Offering everything you need to help grow and expand your online business beyond your wildest dreams - no matter what kind of business you are promoting?

OK?  Grab Your Beverage of Choice & Pay Attention...

Are You Willing To...

  • Accept Quality Guidance and Proven Assistance?

  • Follow A Time-Proven Success System?

  • Work 10 - 15 Hours Per Week With This Business?

  • Realize You Will Not Get Rich Overnight?

Good!  Read On... 
We are talking about a training site with an income opportunity most don't fully realize just how powerful it really is... nor do most even come close to understanding the awesome income it can provide!

Is There Work Involved? Duh - Absolutely!
Quit Dreaming!  Yes!  It does require some work on your part... persistent, dedicated work to realize the income potential.  It took us entirely too long to realize what a gold mine we were just sitting on... doing absolutely nothing with it!  Take what we have learned and leverage it to your wallet's advantage.  We sure did!

Want To Learn More?
Good!  This site has some of the most tremendous training plus LIVE online training conferences several times a week on multiple subjects... from beginner to more advanced online marketers and everyone between.  We guarantee you will learn something from every training conference... right from your very own computer... you just have to be there - and there's no charge to attend!

(best if you have a microphone [not a requirement] - save lots of typing - shows you are a professional business owner)

Can You Join For Free?
Yes!  You can join us at this training site and check it out.  If you don't like it... submit a support ticket and we will gladly delete your account.  We realize this program is not suited for everyone unlike what some marketers claim about their site.

Can You Make Money As Free Member?
Yes!  You can earn some income but... upgraded members earn 100% more!  Why leave 50% of the available cash in someone else's wallet?  You deserve 100% of the reward for your work!  You should upgrade if you want to take advantage of the income potential... there's more, too!  You must be an upgraded member to earn matrix commissions... more about that in a bit.

Sounds Like Some Big Monthly Fee?...
NO!  This training site has a ONE-TIME LIFETIME payment that is so low for what you get... most people think we are lying about it!  We have been struggling on the Net since 2003; probably just like you are right now... but you can start changing that right now - Today!  We have not regretted making our decision... not one little bit - which was just last year.

Worried About How Long Is A Lifetime?
Why not?  You have every right to be concerned due to the fact so many sites spring up on the Internet promising you great training and an awesome income plan... yet a few months or maybe a couple of years down the road... Poof!  The site is gone and you got nothing!

This Site Has Been Around Since 1999!
So... don't worry about it going away... pulling the 'ole vanishing act... anytime soon!  If you have something that works, it will continue to grow and prosper... for years to come. 

People may come and go but this training site has continued to provide excellent online education and income possibilities... beyond what even you might be thinking right now!  We had that thought at one time BUT...

Wow!  Have our eyes been opened to just what is available... if you are willing to make a dedicated effort to promote it and help nurture others, the possibilities are limited by only your ability to learn, follow our plan, grow AND put some extra cash in your wallet.

Are We Rich?... Living On The Beach?
No!  We live near Kansas City, Missouri (USA) on the outskirts of a small rural town in a beautiful, large yet modest home.  My wife still works at Wal-Mart... mainly for the medical insurance coverage (a must anymore!) and to help supplement what we have started making on the Net as I am unable to work outside the home. 

Talk about an incentive to make the Net work for us!  What's your reason (why) for looking into an online business?  Answer that & you will be light years ahead of 90% of the people on the Net today!  Think about it - then Just Do It - do something positive - make a change for your future!

So, we haven't realized our full potential yet, either!  BUT... the good thing is our online income is growing each and every month!  So you can relax and not worry about an unproven income plan - you just put forth the effort to duplicate it! Results will follow!

Our Motto
We sum up what we do on the Net in 3 simple statements:

  • Proper Positive Action= Profitably Positioned Achievement!

  • The Only Stupid Question is The One You Didn't Ask!

  • Don't Try, Just Do It!

Now Back To The Great Income Potential?
Why not join us... Free... Without Any Obligation and find out yourself?  There is several web pages inside the site further explaining all the income options plus think of all the free training you will receive! 

One tidbit we will tell you... earn $270 cash every time someone in your downline receives their FREE $900 Executive Membership! AND you can receive that amount each time someone in your downline receives their Executive Membership!  All can earn that bonus as many times as you have the persistent dedication to help someone fill their matrix.

Fill your own matrix as many times as you want - receive a free one-year $900 Executive Membership each time you do!  Cash and free top-notch, premium one-year Executive Membership just for telling others about this - do you have the determination and dedication to make it happen?

Join Us & Find Out Right Now!

What Do I Get For Upgrading?

  1. 4500 Visitor Credits
    (worth the upgrade price - all by itself)

  2. Personal Webpage URL Rotator
    (great way to advertise many web pages)

  3. Personal Banner Rotator
    (banners still work)

  4. Lead Capture Banner Page
    (great lead generator to start explaining
    this great program's potential to others!)

  5. Inclusion in Random Sign-ups (from corporate page)
    (you aren't competing with owner - only upgraded members get this!)

  6. 50% commissions on Upgrades & Hosting (5 levels deep)
    (free members only get 25% commission on personal referrals only)

  7. Team Newsletter Manager (5 levels deep)
    (great way to stay in contact with your team)

  8. Inclusion in Our Niche Search Directory
    (great search engine exposure - brand yourself)

  9. Inclusion in 3x3 Matrix ($900 value each time filled)
    (tremendous income creator - more about this once you join us)

Now... About That NO-COST Splash Page
Here is all you need to do to get your very own professional-designed Splash Page:

  1. Enter your First & Last Name, Phone Number & Email Address in the form
    below to join our mailing list - to receive valuable GOFER System Information
    (also, receive an absolutely FREE gift you will treasure!  GOFER is an acronym
    for GO For Everlasting Revenue - come along & enjoy the profitable ride!)

  2. Join Our Program - the one we discussed earlier on this web page.

  3. Once you have verified your email address with our program, you login to your
    member's area (back office) and purchase the One-Time, Lifetime Upgrade for
    a very small price - do it right now before you get distracted - its your life - make it.

  4. Once we verify the 3 steps above have been completed... we will send you instructions on how to get your free professionally designed - ready to produce results splash page !  Your new splash page will be so dang good, you'll wonder how you did without it!

  5. Use that new splash page to tell the world about your recently discovered program
    AND make yourself some extra cash!

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Remember..."Don't Try, Just Do It!"

Proper Positive Action= Profitably Positioned Achievement!

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