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Harnessing The Powerful Benefits of Subdomains

If you are looking for an effective way to utilize your resources, and save yourself some cash in the process, Harnessing The Powerful Benefits of Subdomains is just what you are looking for.

Nearly every one of us know what a domain is, but many budding webmasters are so unfamiliar with the power and benefits of subdomains.

Exactly What is a Subdomain?

To assist you in understanding just what a subdomain is, let’s look first at a regular domain. The majority of domains look like the following: www.yourdomain.com. Each domain name refers to a specific site on the web and the search engines acknowledge each domain name as a separate entity.

Many domains have several web pages but the latest craze is to purchase a new domain name for each new niche or category you want to publish. But hold the phone – there’s a way to do this and keep the green stuff in your pocket where it belongs!

A subdomain is actually a sub extension of your already working domain. Another point to remember - a subdomain is considered to be a separate domain and entity from the domain that it extends from. This means that all search engines (including Google) see the subdomain as a unique domain (see NOTE below).

To be more specific and a good point to remember, search engines recognize each web page as a separate entity. Subdomains are created usually using your web hosting administration panel (our preference is cPanel). The entire process takes only a few minutes. For instance, instead of adding web pages that are on completely different topics to your website such as www.yourdomain.com/baseball, you just create a subdomain, which is written as follows: www.baseball.yourdomain.com. Notice all we did is add the word “baseball” and a dot before the domain name.

The Benefits of Subdomains

Subdomains as of today are not as popular as regular domains, because most budding webmasters are not aware of how easy they are to create and all the benefits that they can provide. The benefits of using subdomains are plentiful but here’s what we consider to be our top three benefits/features.
  1. Even though domains are affordable (costing about $10 for a .com), if you are a web developer that is looking to create dozens of web sites, $10 a domain name adds up quickly. Many webmasters purchase 50, 100 or more domains to create web sites that each bring in a small amount of income. Having 100 domains can easily cost $1,000 per year and once you add in the domain hosting costs and annual renewal fees, you can easily see how quickly it can become expensive. But on the other hand, subdomains cost $0. Subdomains are free to create, whether you have 1 or 10,000 subject to the limits of your web hosting package.

  2. All search engines view subdomains as being unique from the regular domain. To Google, www.yoursite.com/baseball and www.baseball.yoursite.com are two unique web pages. In essence, you get all the benefits of having a keyword rich web site/page, without the costs and hassles of registering new domains sites and hosting them separately – don’t forget the previously mentioned cash outlay, either! The, subdomains are easily hosted on the same account as your normal domain (they just show up as a separate folder).

  3. Subdomains are extremely easy to create. In fact, so easy most people over-complicate the entire subdomain creation process. You do not need a lot of technical expertise or special software and the process is relatively simple and straightforward. Even though a subdomain is considered to be an extension of a regular domain, the major search engines including Google see it as a unique domain.

Subdomains can be created for many different categories/niches and for most people; you can create unlimited amounts of subdomains that are hosted on your normal domain hosting plan. For example, if you had a fishing site called fish.com and would like to create categories/niches for each type of fish, you can do it easily. Subdomains would be written as the following: bass.fish.com, trout.fish.com and bluegill.fish.com.

NOTE:  We are continuing to test the power of subdomains to see just how many themes can be on same domain without getting you penalized by major search engines.  Results will be promptly published on Our Blog 

The cost of creating each subdomain is $0, so you can easily save hundred to thousands of dollars per year on your domain costs and get the same benefits as buying separate domains – thus Harnessing The Powerful Benefits of Subdomains!

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